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Why Advertise with The Bay and Area Advertiser

We are dedicated to promoting the great city of North Bay and its surrounding communities. Keeping a positive focus on North Bay and Area. Shopping locally will create a stronger business base as well as boost our local economy. Working together today, for a better tomorrow. The Bay and Area will keep you informed with a Community Bulletin Board on whats new in North Bay and Surrounding communities. We intend to promote this area with a positive approach. There are many hardworking citizens out there who are seldom recognized for their achievements. We are changing that. You might call us the bearers of Good News, committed to our city and its growth. We strive to promote everything from business openings to gala dinners, local events at school, Chamber of Commerce, and the Municipality! That’s why we would like to hear from you, the Reader, the Businessman or Businesswoman, the Entrepreneur and the latest success story. We know that North Bay and Surrounding communities are positive counts of business success and personal accomplishments.